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Revolution of web and mobile technologies along with cloud adoption explored new horizons for business to generate more leads, acquire new clients and retain customer relationship. Feel free contact our experts to grow your business.

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Enterprise Experience with Startup Speed

Data Strategy is the key for business growth in today’s scenario. With the invent of cloud and cost effective data analytical solutions made the data-driven-decision making affordable and possible to all. Our Data gurus can help with successful data journey.

Small improvement in operation makes bigger growth in business. Digital transformation helped streamline process,speed in execution,cost saving and focus on goal. Connect with our specialist who helped large enterprises to optimize operations

Enterprise Experience With Startup SpeedStartups prioritize speed, often getting products to market faster than larger companies.
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Our Services

Web Application & Automation

Web Application & Automation

Modern e2e custom web application design and development with scalable architecture, security, SEO, Integration …

Mobile Application & API Integration

Mobile Application & API Integration

Functionality rich native and hybrid eCommerce, Social, Enterprise, Edge, AI mobile application with API integration …

Data Integration & Analytics

Data Integration & Analytics

Architectural consulting and solution development for on prem, cloud and open-source data strategy, Data Management…

Enterprise Platform & Transformation

Enterprise Platform & Transformation

Agile project development to streamline process, paperless workflow, Optimize operation, increase efficiency, automation..

Start-up Helpers & Enablers

Comprehensive Start-up Support & Enabler Services

As we are committed to help Start-up to grow, special offers to Proto, PoC & MVP application development, solution to scale…

DevOps & Support Operation

DevOps, Support Operations, Collaboration, Integration, Efficiency, Deployment, Maintenance, Resilience, Customer-Centric

ERP, Database, Application and business process support with hourly and monthly subscriptions. CI/CD, Service ticket…

Case Studies

B2B On-Demand Resource Management SAAS Platform

B2B On-Demand Resource Management SAAS Platform

Modern B2B on-demand service platform for helping any business to develop their software services quickly

Multi-tenant Cloud based web platform

Future of work freelancer virtual team platform

Global technology specific Freelancer community, colloborate and work platform

ERP like feature rich mobile compatible web application
Future Of Work Freelancer Virtual Team Platform: Empowering Collaboration
AI-powered speech analytics app:Real-time transcription, sentiment analysis, speaker ID, actionable insights, voice navigation.

Speech Analytics Mobile App

Helping professionals to improve their communication

AI based NLP voice analytics app

Market Place Mobile Apps

Market place Mobile Apps and admin modules for business owners

Cloud based Hybrid mobile Apps with Web admin portal
Market Place Mobile Apps

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Our Clients


Alex Manager

YAKKAY Technologies team is very professional and admire their solution oriented approach. Good Job team!

Stacy Business Owner

How happy I am to see my dream and thoughts translated nicely into app. I liked the way you crafted the user Journey Awesome.

Neil Director of Operation

Convey my wishes to the support team, all our office 360 and sharepoints tickets are closed quickly.

Steve Director of Operation

Invoice process automation tool works perfect and helped us save cost. Thanks zillion to the team.

Ravi C Start-up Founder

Thanks for helping my start-up to build the app, investors expressed interest with us. Way to go! Let us have long relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions

The duration of the projects varies based on the scope and complexity it involves. Success of the project highly depends on the how clear the requirements at feature level. Our expertise working with industry, components library created during course of time and templates will fasten the delivery.

Yes. Our developers are already very familiar with Agile methodologies and they can fit perfectly to scrum team.

For support operation, Project Managment, Architecture creation, Agile delivery roles, we provide on-demand resources. Though we offer on-demand resources for project development, we prefer on the project delivery model.

Working experience with large enterprises taught us the importance of the standards, procedures and quality of the deliverables. Even though we adopt industry best practices, there might be some chances for issues. However, we will be in support with our clients to rectify those.

Clients provide us sandbox and applications or reports are developed in the sandbox which connect only with dummy test data. Then these applications will be moved to production by client deployment team.

Please free to contact us through the different channels provided in the website. Our team of experts in the specific field will get in touch with you.

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